Tribute to Brussels

To mark the creation 25 years ago of Brussels as a region, The Word Magazine dedicates its latest edition to the people, places and projects defining the capital city today.

Chief editor Nicholas Lewis invited us and 24 Belgian brands, creative studios and art directors to create page-perfect tributes to the capital city.

LDBK’s tribute to Brussel in The Word Magazine. Thank you @dgtlprk for yet another collab. Always a pleasure.

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And we couldn’t imagine our contribution without a soundtrack…

Chocolate City, Grey Skies, The Commission, Beautiful & Dirty, Home, Trans-Europe Express, GL-O-CAL… we picked 16 titles representing our vision of Brussels.

Get a copy. It’s full of insider’s tips about our hometown!

Selected by Julien Mourlon, Mary Stevens, TomE, Ali Nassiri, Louis Van De Leest & Mathias Vermeulen.
Mixed by dj_TØm∑™. Art direction by Ali Nassiri. Cover picture by The Word Magazine.

Julien Mourlon
Posted on September 4th, 2015 by

Julien founded LDBK in 2002 as a FM radio show. Since then he keeps experimenting various formats and channels to promote and share music & stories.