I met Senz some 10 years ago in Brussels. Back then, he was a usual suspect of the local beatmaking scene. If you attended an hip hop event, chances were that you would cross his path. He even joined us on our London trip to assist Caroline Lessire in the making of the video documenting our compilation release party. 

Fast forward to June 2019. Senz sent me an email announcing the release of his Tidal Wave project with rapper Cappo. In the following discussion, I told him that I would be interested in featuring a focus on the Montreal beat scene on our Mixcloud channel.

Some 18 months later, here it is!  Not one but two mixes. Side A and Side B, like a proper old school mixtape.  

“Here is the gargantuan Montreal beatmakers mix, side A & B. It’s been a beautiful struggle to get it to this point, but I think it’s a nice snapshot of the scene here and the artists I’ve been introduced to.”

A few weeks ago, I called Senz and asked him to tell me more about the project, his move  from Brussels to Montreal and his passion for music.

Among other things, he told me about the making of his mixes, the importance of Artbeat events and Loop Sessions for the Montreal beat community and why Chris De Muri, illustrator and owner of 180g, was the go-to-guy for illustrating these mixes.

We also discussed his own works and collaborations, producing on his phone using Koala App  (iOS – Android), his new album with with rapper Shem G and a future collaboration with  Roughneck Jihad…. 

From sharing his first turntables with his best friends more than 20 years ago to collaborating with artists from all over the world, I hope you’ll enjoy Senz’ passion for music as much as I did.

Intro feat. Musoni
Dr MaD – Fraicheur (Borey & Dave)
bastiani. – Blooped
Musoni – Daily Routine
Low Pocus – Jeff
Mr. Kou – Colours
Bluenose – Chemistry
Nik Brovkin – J19 – 16.5
Sev Dee – Bullet
Lou Piensa – Wavy Days
M. Robin – Roanapur
Yomyom – Highlights
Sqreeb – TroisQuatre
Dante Maxwell – Money Call
DeusGod – Any Kinda
Franklin Would – Wrong Street
Son Raw – Gunshoe Horns (Instr.)
Vincent Pryce – Dismantle Piece
Rekinsa – Countdown
Pro-V – Try This On For Size
Nicholas Craven – Death Soul
Cooper Richardson – Shiftwork
The Blackedge – Unity
Cotola – Shogun Cholo
Senz – Sans Adieu
80Rock – Gomez
Funkywhat – Taking the Green Line
KooL MaT – LooPSesS28
Yerly – Blunt Ballad
Viv Imara –  Memory Pause Melody
Icky Magdala – Ibrahim
Outro feat. Musoni

Intro feat. Musoni
Sam I Am Montolla – Intro To Indigo (Instr.)
Jamvvis – mistakes.
ELMNT – Elevator Music
Dozhoff – Stir It
Boy2King – @-@
Makizar – Hi Light
Tonton Osman – Can You See It?
GrandHuit x Fruits x Dr Mad – UNRELEASED.
Shem G – Dusty
Inscience – Western Baroque
Blazino – Backyard Chillin’ feat Senz
Atamone – God Smiles
Backxwash – Call Me By My Name
Jai Nitai Lotus – Aguru
Rekha Mavreen – Star Gaz
Evan Shay – September 9th KILLLLLLL
Slumgod – H2O Drip
Monaki – Liberté
Slyte – East Of Eden
Mags – Full Circle
ash-lin – Can
Parry Illest – Day 6
LastFlightOut – Falcon Love
Jeune Xi – Styinhigh
Tshizimba – Sun Ballad
Anubis – UFO
Kola – Caught In The Rain
Incognico – Float
Nkusi – 9ans
LiamLiamLiam –  Luckyyy
Outro feat. Musoni

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Mixtape artworks by Christophe B. De Muri
Cover picture by Loop Sessions

Julien Mourlon
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