Oli-B x Rose Studio

It’s been three years that I have the chance to work closely with painter Oli-B and I love how each project turns into an adventure full of surprises… A couple of weeks ago, interior designer Robert Bockowski from RoseStudio invited us for a last minute trip to Warsaw to check the production of their first collaboration: “Olga”.

“Brussels artist Oli-B (born in 1984) knows what he wants, and he wants a lot. His work ranges across a huge array of media, but they all have one thing in common: they are the conductors for his limitless energy and dreams. His posters and walls on the streets, his album sleeves, prints, drawings, magazine covers, and paintings all breathe the same fluidity: gentle curves; abstract forms that both hint at, and escape from, the figurative; colours that are emphatic but balance each other; and a composition that binds everything together. His own highly distinctive style is the result of a lengthy evolution: from his early days as a graffiti artist, he kept what he loved – shapes and colours – and started to flirt more with contemporary art. The letters developed in the direction of characters, the characters towards forms.”

It is no surprise that the next logical step in his evolution as an artist was to fulfill his dreams of three dimensions. Now, together with the Brussels designers at RoseStudio, he developed “Olga”, a wall unit bearing the vintage Oli-B design. A soulful, intimate, and expressive piece injecting abstract and organic forms with a strong personality. Oli-B’s work is alive – now more than ever!”

Text by Kurt Snoekx, editor at AGENDA magazine

On November 29th it was finally time to present “Olga” and open Oli-B’s first solo show… What an opening that was!

Thank you Oli & Robert for inviting me to participate in this great project.

Julien Mourlon
Posted on November 29th, 2012 by

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