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A great soundtrack can enhance an experience. Whether this is a Hollywood flick, your favourite Netflix series or a well-made podcast. This also applies to more spatial experiences, like walking into a restaurant, a sneaker store or an art gallery. In the ideal situation, music plays an integral part in how a brand in such a place is perceived.

Running one of these businesses also means managing a thousand things simultaneously. So, maintaining a music playlist has probably less priority. Something that’s created on an ad hoc base. And in all honesty, most people – beat heads, jazz cats and music aficionado’s in general – can put a playlist together. However, to maintain a list as an ongoing source for your specific musical needs is a different song. That’s why Dirk Bijdendijk and Xander Roozen started MOOD’S PLACE, a fresh and continuous soundtrack for innovative & independent businesses.

About the curators

Dirk & Xander grew up on a strict diet of golden era hip-hop, Italian soundtracks and music for airports. Music has always been part of their daily routine. On- and offline digging, listening to unknown exciting stuff and curating is what they like to do most. Some people consider them ‘structured listeners’. Dirk colour codes his music folders to easily find stuff, Xander thinks Tag&Rename is still the best piece of software ever written. Folks make fun of this. Dirk and Xander think it’s crucial to maintain an ongoing list.

They do the research for MOOD’S PLACE on a daily base and plan for the orderly curation of the list. The tracks are selected with heartfelt love and swell appreciation of all things jazz, library and hip-hop. The picks are inspired by classic soundtracks, long-forgotten BBC programs and a trusty dusty scent of used vinyl. The result is a list that still surprises you after listening to it 3 times.

Updates & rules for usage

Mood’s Place contains 100 tracks and a duration of approximately 6,5 hours, let’s say a working day. The list has some of the best -and often lesser known – sounds from the worlds of funk, soul, jazz, (instrumental) hip-hop, Brazil, mellow fusion, library stuff and electronica. It’s updated every Monday morning when 20 new tracks are added and 20 older ones removed. Each edition comes with unique cover art, created by Dirk.

Interested to play this list as your in-store music?

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Julien Mourlon
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Julien founded LDBK in 2002 as a FM radio show. Since then he keeps experimenting various formats and channels to promote and share music & stories.