Kayla by david Widart



Kayla is my friend. Our minds connected.

When she told me about PUSH, the documentary that she was working on, I immediately clicked. She challenged herself to achieve an ollie (a gateway trick in skateboarding) in 90 days and asked director Sannchia Gaston to document her journey. By dealing with the fears & insecurities around being an amateur on the board, she hoped to encourage more women to skate.

“I want women to feel comfortable to hold space in a male dominated sport”

The premiere happened at Rio Cinema, Dalston followed by a skate jam at the nearby Gillett Square. On the decks: ChloëDees, Donnie Sunshine and DJ Jaxx (Kayla’s mum). On the menu: Caribbean food. On the invite, this slogan “Free free free. Come fill yuh mind yuh ears and yuh belly suh! Bring ur board! If u don’t have one u can share mine.”

A few days later, I visited Kayla and asked her how she reflected on the whole project. Her motivations and hopes, working with director Sannchia Gaston, not hiding imperfections and failures, holding space in a male dominated sport… Here is an edited version of our conversation.


Pictures, text and interview by David Widart
Editing by Julien Mourlon

David Widart
Posted on November 29th, 2018 by

David is a photographer based in London. He likes to explore life, meet people and tell stories.