Celebrating 12 years of LDBK

On May 22nd, VK Concerts (Brussels) invited us to celebrate our 12th anniversary. 

Video report by Stefano Lapasini for Brussels International.


On the line up that night:

  • British musician and record producer William Holland aka Quantic who just release his new album “Magnetica” on Tru Thoughts.

  • French Afro-beat surrealist Débruit known for mixing dance and hip-hop elements with traditional and contemporary sounds from around the globe.

Interview recorded at Dour Festival 2010

Thank you for joining us!

LDBK Birthday Poster by Ali Nassiri


Julien Mourlon
Posted on May 22nd, 2014 by

Julien founded LDBK in 2002 as a FM radio show. Since then he keeps experimenting around music & stories.