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VK* Backstage

It’s been over two years now since audiovisual production studio Embryon Ere has taken its flight, and what started as a 3 men film project has now blossomed into one of the most versatile team I have yet to work with.

Founded by Timothé Sempels, Damiano Perri and Angelo Pirillo, Embryon Ere produces feature films, music videos, event reports… including a series shot at Brussels based concert venue VK*.

As LDBK will celebrate its 12th anniversary at VK* at the end of May, I asked Damiano to bring us backstage and tell us more about Embryon Ere.

Embryon Ere Shooting

The Embryon Ere team at work

Simon: How did you come up with the “VK* Backstage” concept?
Damiano: After shooting theater pieces, concerts, festivals and other cultural events, we wanted to start a new project based on a series of short films with a coherent guideline. That’s how we got into the idea of conducting this interview series focusing on talented musicians who might not make the headlines on mass media. The VK* in Brussels seemed like the perfect platform to base our project on.

Simon: Why did you pick those artists?
Damiano: Because we consider that they are “interesting”… To us, the so called “underground” scene gathers edgier musicians. With the “VK* Backstage” series, we want to share our passion for music. We want to poke the audience’s curiousity and make them discover new artists, sounds and textures. It is a real treat to meet cats like GhostpoetHiatus Kayote, Deltron 3030 or Brainfeeder’s  Thundercat. They are huge musical influences to us, but we can also tell they’re genuine good-spirited people.

Simon: How do you approach those interviews?
Damiano: We always follow the same recipe: one sound engineer, two cameramen, and the interviewer. We want our videos to be a treat to watch, content-wise but also from a visual point of view. We try to keep a certain intimacy with the artist, which is crucial. Our approach, for that reason, is to have a discussion rather than trying to lead a more traditional interview. This gives our guest the opportunity to share his world and vision.

Simon: Can you tell us about Embryon Ere’s future projects?
Damiano: We’re thinking about a new series on music instruments, some of them well known, others more obscure. This project will actually be used as a way to put some light on far out cultures, the instrument’s origin, the different techniques and chops required to play it and, of course, the musicians.

We also planning on releasing more “Ils respirent” videos, putting forward artists coming from different backgrounds.

We’ve also been working on a feature film that will be released in 2014-2015. Soon we will unveil a short film, some music videos, our own music project “Banzai Drama”  and the list goes on…

More on the Embryon Ere website.

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Simon Sibomana
Posted on March 15th, 2014 by
Simon is a public relations student and member of the Embryon Ere collective.