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Charlotte Adigéry

Belgian-Caribbean musician Charlotte Adigéry recently released her latest EP Zandoli on Deewee, the label founded by the Dewaele brothers (Soulwax / 2manydjs). We met her backstage at her London shows. Continue


FRKO, Atlanta’s gatekeeper

David is a photographer based in London. He likes to explore life, meet people and tell stories. A few month ago, while in Atlanta, FRKO gave him a nickname, a lifetime experience and the keys of the city. Continue


Gautier Houba

Brussels based photographer Gautier Houba bought his first camera in December 2009. 5 years later. A lot of his pictures illustrate articles on this site but also on various Brussels based (print or digital) publications. Time for a proper introduction…. Continue


Havana Boxing Dreams

Dreams are pretty much all you can have in Cuba and boxing allows Cuba’s youth to do just that. Cuba’s rich olympic legacy is a strong source of inspiration for young fighters all around the country. Ambitions of a successful … Continue


David’s stories

People who cross my path always tell me interesting stories. I love to capture those moments and illustrate them with a picture or two. Here are some of the people I had the chance to meet in the last months… … Continue