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Rumors of Royalty

Two years and countless studio sessions after his latest release, Brooklyn based producer¬†Jason “ClassicBeatz” Minnis presents his new album “Rumors of Royalty” (CD / digital): 9 tracks mixing funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and house music – all the influences … Continue


Romantic Reflections

Classical music and pigeons. It is definitely not a natural association, I have to agree. Pigeons are usually seen as gutter birds, affectionately named rats with wings or flying ashtrays and are probably the most despised birds around. People simply … Continue


Audiocentric Unplugged

Jason and Seon were born to create music. Producer / Pianist / Songwriter Jason “ClassicBeatz” Minnis and Guitarist / Songwriter Seon Gomez form an instrumental duo called Nicholas Kopernicus. Their first opus, “Audiocentric“, is a homegrown blend of Afrobeat, Funk, … Continue


The Head Hunters

Head Hunter is an institution here in Brooklyn. It is one of the oldest and most respected barbershop in Bed-Stuy. I heard about it because it is a well known fact in the neighborhood that Notorious B.I.G. used to hang … Continue