The new LDBK is here!

At the end of June, I felt like I wasn’t having fun with Laid Back anymore and started wondering what to do: put an end to the project or adapt it in one way or the other…

A couple of days later, as I was working at Digital Park, I shared my thoughts with designer Ali Nassiri. He was surprised when I told him I was considering re-branding Laid Back. He knew that refreshing the website had been on my mind for a long time but getting rid of the logo, that, was a whole different ball game.

I’d have to convince him first… and as I did, this helped me clarify my ideas.

Another step in an ever-evolving project.

I started Laid Back some 11 years ago without any kind of strategy. Along the way, many people helped shape it, each bringing their own skills and vision to the project. That’s how, almost by accident, Laure came up with the Afro logo.

What a great visual! Stickers, stencils, remixes, t-shirts, posters … It spread and stuck all over the place and far beyond. But I felt that the visual had become too powerful, hiding the projects it was supposed to support and limiting us to the “hip hop / street art” niche.

I still love hip hop, still love street art and every project we have worked on but I’d like to broaden the scope and bring the people behind the music to the forefront – no matter what genre, or discipline.

I believe that behind every favourite song there is an untold story and that every great story needs the perfect soundtrack. This is what the new logo represents: sound waves and books, music and stories. This is what you can expect from LDBK.

And so what now, you say?

Obviously LDBK won’t radically change but I hope this new identity will allow us to explore new fields and embark on exciting new projects.

If you are looking for a soundtrack, we have gathered our “radio-inspired” activities in the music section with a linear stream, the hotlists (a monthly selection of new tracks added to the stream), guest mixes, and our current favourite tracks.

You’ll also find a telex style feed with the latest news that we’ve been interested in, things that caught our attention on various social networks as well as an experimental TV section featuring our favourite youtube videos.

But the real deal is to be involved in projects and share original stories with you. Coming up we’ll be featuring the work of Stephane Missier, Gautier Houba, Mop Mop & Strand. In the meantime, if you head to the stories section, you can re-discover some of our best stories from the last 5 years.

Hope you’ll enjoy this new approach!

Do let me know if you think there are stories we should cover and what you think of our new identity.

And a few words of thanks

Thank-you to:

  • Laure Cambier for blessing us with Laid Back’s Afro logo,
  • François Flahaux for working on the player and adding a much needed soundtrack to this new website,
  • Sarah Basha for helping clarify my ideas and translate them into words,
  • Ali Nassiri for not only offering me this new logo and website, but also for being a source of inspiration since day one,
  • You for visiting this page, for your ongoing support… and for reading the fine print.
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Julien Mourlon
Posted on January 7th, 2014 by
LDBK's founder and digital radio manager.