Mural by Baze at Friches Belle de Mai (Marseille, FR)


LDBK Hotlist #29

Every month, we present 15 new tracks featured on LDBK radio.

Liner Notes

Marcos Valle – Estrelar
We’re all about funky disco baselines here at LDBK so it’s just as well Marcos Valle fetched us one for Estrelar way back in 1983. Even for that hotbed of eclecticism, Brazil, Marcos Valle had a rich and varied career comprising funk, soul, bossanova, samba, jazz, psychedelic rock as well as making music for TV soap operas and jingles for commercials – including the Brazilian version of Sesame Street (Vila Sésamo). Track  reissued on “The Brazilian Boogie Connection: From Rio to Sao Paulo” by Culture of Soul.

Latimore – Out To Get Cha (Soulist & Dj Vas Rework)
Latimore, who you might remember as the voice behind classic RnB cut “Let’s Straighten it Out, is remixed here by France’s DJ Vas and Soulist. Out To Get Cha IS NOT, despite what your Mum says, a sample of Stayin’ Alive – but it is just as infectious. Grab it free over on Soundcloud.

Souleance – Jazz et Thé Vert
Another track produced by Soulist but this time with partner in crime Fulgeance. There’s nothing like a sweet piano loop over a straight hip hop beat. Unlike many music trends from the 90s, it’s an enduring aesthetic because it just works. Taken from “La Boulangerie 3” compilation.

La Fine Equipe – Cheese Naan feat. Fakear
Out on Nowadays Records, French beatmakers oOgo, Blanka, Chomsky and Mr. Gib from La Fine Equipe, have released their third baked goods-themed compilation, La Boulangerie 3. Another cut from the La Boulangerie 3 compilation. Cheese Naan is precise, busy with sound and features some well placed vocal stabs. A good one for the headphones.

DJ Moar – U Loose
DJ Moar continues to drop some excellent disco-funk edits. Out through Diggin Deeper, the “Runaway” EP promises to tease your feet onto the dancefloor.  

Bonobo – Flashlight
Maybe it’s me, but back when The North Borders came out, it seemed to populate every restaurant and dinner party playlist this side of the galaxy. That’s a good thing, as it retired much of the played-out restaurant friendly instrumental tracks from ten or more years ago. Luckily, we’ve been gifted with even more Bonobo via his new Flashlight EP. Out through Ninja Tune.

Tuxedo – Do It
Up next, we have even more funky electro-pop flavor from Tuxedo. Though no one was sure at first, this is apparently a collab between neo-soul legend Mayer Hawthorne and famed hip-hop producer, Jake One, producer of Brother Ali’s Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color. “Do it” manages a retro-disco feel whilst still being a crisp electro track. Familiar to the party vibe that Get Lucky captured so well. It’s even had the unfortunate treatment of being sampled by Pitbull. But don’t let that put you off – just do what the song says. You can pick this up as a free download here.

Renegades Of Jazz – Tamerlane feat. Greg Blackman
Greg Blackman croons over this nicely put together breakbeat by Renegades of Jazz producer, Dave Haneke. Luckily this isn’t the only joint featuring Blackman on new album, Paradise Lost – inspired by John Milton’s epic poem. There are many other vocal talents on the album including, Jane Kennaway, Karin Ploog and Aspects.  It turns out that the Fall of Man goes better with breakbeats and a lot of claps. You can find it on Agogo Records.

TAJ – Taj Yo’self
This is some virtuoso instrumental jazz fusion from Singapore’s, TAJ – The Astral Journey. Their self-titled EP has a planned release of 30th Jan and will be the first live group to be put out by Darker Than Wax.

Maverick – Around Here
Belgian beatmaker, Maverick, begins with some warm rhodes-like chords before introducing us to some swelling synths and arpeggiations. It’s a free download on his soundcloud. He apparently has an EP on the way soon. More of this, please!

Sekuoia – Waves
Danish producer Sekuoia has made a lavish palette of sounds from layered guitars and breathy vocals on the aptly titled Waves announcing his new EP, Reset Heart, to be released in March.

New Cool Collective – Cinquillo
New Cool Collective – Dutch outfit – From the Electric Monkey Sessions – These guys might be having too much fun here. It’s a loose feeling jam. That guitar riff at the start! 

D’Angelo & the Vanguard – Really Love
It’s been almost 20 years since D’Angelo’s RnB classic, Brown Sugar and 14 since Voodoo. His well overdue new album, Black Messiah,  is predictably precise, classy, swinging and inimitably D’Angelo.

Pierre Anckaert & Stefan Brakaval – Water from the hell
Here we strip it back and bliss out to some jazzy, acrobatic flute and piano vibes courtesy of Belgium’s Pierre Anckaert and Stefan Brakaval. More on these guys and their Woodworks release.

Corbin – Worn
After working with Jeremih, Shlohmo (together with the Wedidit collective) continues to put RnB singers on his beats and this time it’s blog darling, Spooky Black. Shlohmo makes some of the most thoughtful and atmospheric beats around, and here he layers textures and crescendos with heavy synths and off-kilter hats. A perfect end (and a free download) to this monthly selection. We hope you liked it.

Mural by Baze at Friches Belle de Mai (Marseille, FR)


Selected by Julien Mourlon
Words by Luc Steinberg
Mixed by dj_TØm∑™
Jingles by Vincent Perez & Bongholio Iglesias
Cover: Mural by Baze at Friches Belle de Mai (Marseille, FR)

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