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Celebrating 12 years of LDBK


On May 22nd, VK Concerts (Brussels) invited us to celebrate our 12th anniversary.  Video report by Stefano Lapasini for Brussels International. Video report by Embryon Ere. On the line up that night: British musician and record producer William Holland aka Quantic who just release his … Continue


Deeper Still: Spiritual Jazz

Abdij van Park Leuven

In the 1960s, the fusion of the worlds of jazz and the Church created one of the most interesting, yet one of the most under acknowledged subgenres of jazz. Tracklist on Mixcloud Throughout jazz’s history, the genre has always been … Continue


The new LDBK is here!


At the end of June, I felt like I wasn’t having fun with Laid Back anymore and started wondering what to do: put an end to the project or adapt it in one way or the other… A couple of … Continue


Strictly Kwak

Philippe Coicou

Two weeks ago Julius and I met Philippe Coicou aka Kwak, founder of the Strictly Niceness (SN) parties, for a drink in the Flagey area. We mostly talked about SN, Brussels’ nightlife, and music in general. Spinning records by night and journalist … Continue