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Kayla by david Widart

Kayla challenged herself to achieve an ollie in 90 days and documented her journey with the help of director Sannchia Gaston. Watch the PUSH documentary & listen to Kayla’s conversation with photographer David Widart. Continue


Sonny Jake

Sonny Jake at Rio Cinema

Sonny is a London based film director. In this conversation with photographer David Widart he presents the music he relates to the most. Continue



Chloedees by David Widart

Chloë is a DJ living in Stratford, London. She tells photographer David Widart about growing up surrounded by music, her musical influences and favorite artists. Continue


FRKO, Atlanta’s gatekeeper

FRKO - gallery2-davidwidart

David is a photographer based in London. He likes to explore life, meet people and tell stories. A few month ago, while in Atlanta, FRKO gave him a nickname, a lifetime experience and the keys of the city. Continue


Tribute to Brussels


To mark the creation 25 years ago of Brussels as a region, The Word Magazine dedicates its latest edition to the people, places and projects defining the capital city today. Continue


Gautier Houba

gautier houba - tunnel

Brussels based photographer Gautier Houba bought his first camera in December 2009. 5 years later. A lot of his pictures illustrate articles on this site but also on various Brussels based (print or digital) publications. Time for a proper introduction…. Continue


Painters against AIDS

Denis Meyers & Arnaud Kool - Mural against AIDs in Brussels

If you walk in the Marolles neighbourhood of Brussels, make sure to stop by rue Haute 290 (one of Saint Pierre hospital’s entrances) as painters Denis Meyers and Arnaud Kool recently completed a 20-meter high mural to raise awareness of HIV and AIDS. The artists … Continue


Havana Boxing Dreams

Rafael Trejo Gimnasio

Dreams are pretty much all you can have in Cuba and boxing allows Cuba’s youth to do just that. Cuba’s rich olympic legacy is a strong source of inspiration for young fighters all around the country. Ambitions of a successful … Continue


Oli-B x Rose Studio


It’s been three years that I have the chance to work closely with painter Oli-B and I love how each project turns into an adventure full of surprises… A couple of weeks ago, interior designer Robert Bockowski from RoseStudio invited us for … Continue


David’s stories


People who cross my path always tell me interesting stories. I love to capture those moments and illustrate them with a picture or two. Here are some of the people I had the chance to meet in the last months… … Continue


In the Farm Prod studio

farm prod

A couple of days ago I met painter Guillaume Desmarets aka Guifari from the Farm Prod collective at the Brussels Art Factory. Since 2003, Farm Prod has produced countless creative works and taken part in events, shows and international projects … Continue


Sandrine Astier

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 14.02.31 (2)

“I’m interested in the painting of portraits because faces are not processed by the brain as mere objects but spontaneously interact with the viewer. Everyday, we automatically perceive a multitude of faces. Each of them gives us both a sense … Continue