adidas unites all originals

Back in 1986, Run-D.M.C released “My Adidas” as first single from its third album «Raising Hell». The track (and the «Superstar» basketball shoe) quickly gained cult status leading to the first endorsement deal between hip-hop artists and a major brand.

More than 25 years later, creative services firm Sid Lee launched the “Unite All Originals” campaign for Adidas: a collaboration between Run DMC and A-Trak with an emphasis on user interactions as viewers can use voice commands and visual effects to control the video.

Our favorite street photographer Stephane Missier recently left NYC for Montreal and has a particular connection with this project…

I’ve been living in beautiful Montreal and working for Sid Lee since January 2013 and I am loving it.

LDBK: Stephane, why did you move to Montreal?

Stephane: Sid Lee reach out to me back in 2012 as they were looking for a strategist on the adidas Originals account. The 3-stripes brand has always been a love mark for me as a ‘consumer” and is a pretty cool brand to work for so the decision to relocate to Montreal was a fairly easy one to take – even thought leaving New York can be quite difficult. I’ve been living in beautiful Montreal and working for Sid Lee since January 2013 and I am loving it.

LDBK: Can you tell us a bit more about the Originals campaign featuring Run DMC and A-Trak?

Stephane : To celebrate the anniversary of adidas Originals’ partnership with legendary hip hop act Run DMC, we created an interactive music video for a new exclusive track called ‘All Day Originals’. The campaign who is running in 55 countries, relies primarily on a digital interactive experience called Unite All Originals. It sees hip-hop legends Run DMC collide with Canadian turntablist extraordinaire A-Trak in New York, wreaking creative havoc across the city. As part of the experience, users are invited to create their own visual remix of the video by shouting out things they see in the film, triggering animations and special effects in real time.

LDBK: Sid Lee Montreal is listed as one of the 28 coolest workplaces. Could you give us a tip on how to join the team?

Stephane: Sid Lee is definitely a great place to work and to grow. I love its multidisciplinary approach to advertising and often, you end up working with architects, technologists, producers and a bunch very talented creative people from different fields. Sid Lee also really cares about its people and encourages a culture of free-spirited creativity. They invite artists from around the world to adorn the office. Montreal street artist Stikki Peaches just came to the office to wheatpaste some art pieces. The bistro serves free breakfast, an XL communal table invites everyone to eat together and there are numerous parties and gatherings to forge bonds with co-workers. It’s a work hard play hard type of environment. Sid Lee also runs a collective called ‘Sid Lee Collective’ supporting employees’ cultural and commercial projects in the fields of the visual arts, industrial design, music, publishing, etc. I am hoping to do something with them that merges my passion for photography and my professional skills. As far as joining the agency, I know the recruiting team is always looking for fresh blood, so give them a shout if you are interested.

LDBK: Now that you live in Montreal, do you keep documenting the streets of New York?

Stephane: One good thing about Montreal is that it’s really close from NYC and less than 1 hour by plane. As a matter of fact, I was just there recently and snapped a couple of shots in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

LDBK: Did you start exploring Montreal? Does the city inspire you new series?

Stephane: I’ve started to bike around the island and have spotted a couple of interesting neighborhoods that fit my standards of grittiness. I have a couple of shots up on flickr but need to understand the local culture a bit better in order to pull out my camera.

Drop a Rhyme

I recently stumbled upon this fantastic mix by Chris Read. Hip Hop and originals samples…

The mix featured on adidas Originals’ Mixcloud account announces another step in the #UniteAllOriginals campaign (this one not being developed by Sid Lee though) using the new Instagram video feature in a very “old school meets new school” way. Rap contest 2013 style!

“adidas is offering you a chance to “Drop a Rhyme” on A-Trak’s beat alongside Run-DMC! The best entries will be featured on the #UniteAllOriginals remix!”

And here is the final remix.

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Julien Mourlon
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