LDBK remix by SeQ


5 years on Mixcloud

5 years ago, looking for a user friendly and legal place to share our music programs, I created a channel on upcoming streaming website Mixcloud. Little did I know when I did those few clicks  how they would influence LDBK’s activities. Over the years LDBK’s channel kept growing thanks to the collaboration of guest dj’s from all over the world and numerous inspiring interactions with the Mixcloud team . So much that it became LDBK’s main online profile: 550 mixes, 100.000 followers and almost 4.000.000 plays,…

Ever experimenting and evolving, Mixcloud recently launched very interesting new features (repost, uploader account, … ) that I had the chance to test during the past weeks. Thank you Nico, Nikhil, Mat & team for creating an unique platform for music lovers.

I tip my hat to all the dj’s who picked LDBK to host their mixes and to whoever listened, shared and supported our project.

Looking forward to what the next 5 years will bring us.



LDBK remix by SeQ
Cover by graphic designer and illustrator SeQ who remixed LDBK’s mission statement and logo into a fantastic 3D version. More about his project.
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Julien Mourlon
Posted on August 16th, 2014 by
LDBK's founder and digital radio manager.